Koigo Ecommerce Framework lets you build a web store using simple tags:

a cart

<button onclick="koigoAdd('item_number')" type="button">Add to Cart</button>

a picture

<koigo-product itemnumber="item_number" trait="image_1"></koigo-product>

a price

<koigo-product itemnumber="item_number" trait="price"></koigo-product>

a description

<koigo-product itemnumber="item_number" trait="short_description"></koigo-product>

the script

<script src="https://js.koigo.io/cart" data-koigo="uuid"></script>

<script src="https://js.koigo.io/traits" data-koigo="uuid"></script>

Koigo is the easiest way to build an ecommerce site.

Cart logic  and product information is all handled by the Koigo server. Use the Koigo API script to pull data into any website.

Koigo is headless ecommerce for the masses.

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